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Drum Style Screen











The Hendrick Drum screen is ideal for use in quiet waters, lakes, reservoirs and other locations where the water-current passing the screen is very low. Drum screens are usually mounted with the flat or curved top looking up, so debris will collect on a non-screen surface.
In general, a Drum screen is used for low water withdrawals or when space is at a premium. Airburst is available for all Drum screens if required.

Tee Style Screen

The Hendrick Tee screen allows the user more flexibility in design than a Drum screen, more cost effective construction options and greater withdrawal rates. Coned end plates allow the Tee screen to be less susceptible to damage from floating debris in rivers and streams.

Airburst piping is easily installed for air supply lines to the Tee screen.

You can download an Excel spreadsheet here to help with sizing our Intake Screens.

See the Engineering Section for Sample Engineering Specifications & Documents



Hendrick Screen works with engineering firms to assist in the most efficient screen design for any unique application. The engineering staff at Hendrick is always ready to help solve technical problems and assist in designing the most advantageous screen placement.